Sparta ICO Accelerator

Helping Startups launch ICOs, helping ICOs reach investors

Sparta ICO Accelerator

Accelerating ICO launch

Launching an ICO is a time consuming process, and it often ends in a complete failure. There are many critical elements that should be taken in consideration, and should be taken care of in a perfect way. We have been partially or totally involved in more than a dozen ICOs, and we have a lot of experience to bring to the table, experience that would be crucial for an ICO's success.

Our experience allows us to accelerate the ICO launch process from several month, to just 7-10 days! Yes 7 days, that's all what we need to get your ICO up and running.


We have many services planned, but for now we are offering these basic ones.

  • Token Creation / Ethereum/Stellar/NEM ...
  • Smart contract creation for blockchain based crowdsale /Ethereum blockchain.
  • Marketing of ICO or token.
  • PR for ICO or ITO.
  • Help with Exchanges Listing.
  • Investors Reach.

Payment for services

The payment for the services can be done with Fiat ($/EUR) or a combination of cryptos ETH/BTC/SPARTA, however we plan in the future to accept only SPARTA token for these services. In addition to the payment we keep a small % of tokens, usually between 0.1% and 10% depending on our role and the ICO status.