Sparta ICO statement

1- We have decided to terminate this project
- It was not possible to conduct an ICO in a legal way, due to lack of regulations concerning ICO offerings.
- Our alternative plan of just giving tokens as a way of funding and hope for the best, proved to be unfeasible
- All the other alternative ways to fund these startups were not realistic
Thus after struggling for 4 years, we are shutting this project down, and moving on.

2- We did not sell our tokens, we gave away a very small amount (through partners), for free
- Thus we do not have any obligation to reimburse any person that got our tokens
- But check if the project that gave away these tokens have a replacement token.

3- We are not associated with the SPARTA token on CMC
While we have been waiting since 2017 for proper ICO regulations to take place so that we can proceed with our ICO. Others (probably binance) shamelessly just copied our token name and token ticker (even in capital letter) in 2020, and launched their token on binance chain, and then listed on binance exchange and CMC (owned by binance).
Our SPARTA token is listed on ethereum: 0x24AEF3BF1A47561500f9430D74Ed4097C47F51F2

4- Reimbursement
Anyone who bought from an exchange prior to July 2021, can contact us, so we can look into reimbursing him from our own money, after investigating the source of the tokens.
- All trade volume done on Tokpie is fake.

5- Passing the baton
All our social media accounts will be transferred to Crypto Startups, a project that will rely on traditional startup investors to finance crypto related startups.

6- Announcement duration : 1 year.
We will keep this website online for 1 year from the time of this announcement, giving everyone the time to process our decision.