SPARTA Token Distribution

SPARTA distribution


SPARTA Token is an ERC20 Ethereum blockchain token
SPARTA Total Supply: 300,000,000 SPARTA
SPARTA in circulation: 3,000,000 SPARTA
SPARTA initial status: Blocked
SPARTA release phases: 1 Million is released for each startup announced in a batch of accelerated startups
SPARTA token address: 0x24aef3bf1a47561500f9430d74ed4097c47f51f2
Where to use SPARTA > List of 3rd party entities accepting SPARTA

SPARTA initial release

SPARTA token is distributed to the startups intended for incubation/acceleration. 1 Million token is given to every startup joining the program. The tokens are released only once a startup is announced to be part of a batch. All tokens not assigned to startups yet are blocked. Once a startup receives the tokens it will negotiates a percentage of contribution to each of the main elements of the system. It will negotiate a % of tokens to be offered to sparta startups management and operations, to the marketers & promoters, to the programmers and designers, and finally to the DGR* (Distributed Gold Reserve).The contribution to the DGR will depend essentially on the amount of capital needed to bring the startup idea to life.
*DGR is a planned project, it is not currently implemented and is not to be implemented in the short term

Startup distribution of tokens (Varies between startups)

Ownership Description Percentage
Team SPARTA kept by the startup team 2-50%
Sparta Startups SPARTA given to S.S. for Management & Operations. 3-10%
Promotion Team SPARTA given to the pooled Promotion and Business dev. team. 2-40%
Develop. Team SPARTA given to the pooled programmers & designers team. 5-20%
DGR SPARTA sent to the DGR unit, to back the token with gold & fund the projects. 20-50%
100 %

How to get SPARTA token?

SPARTA tokens can be sold by the startups, however the most popular ways to get them is to contribute to the ecosystem, be an early adopter & buy a Sparta Gold coin & hold it.

To Contribute to the ecosystem, is to contribute to the 2 units, the Marketing unit & Development unit, by helping with marketing the startups & SPARTA or even offer programming and design help to the teams. Join the Ecosystem

Big investors can contribute to the ecosystem through the DGR, by buying a gold coin that will back the tokens with Gold, Check the DGR

Anyone can get the SPARTA tokens by becoming an early adopter, and buying Sparta Credits to be used in one of the non-blockchain startups. Sparta credits are simple charging credits that topup your account in any of the non block-chain startups. Get Sparta credits

Another popular way, is to simply buy the token from people holding it. However to avoid being sold fake tokens, we recommend doing the transactions through crypto exchanges that listed SPARTA, like: Ether Delta

Ways to get SPARTA:
  • Be an early adopter (buy sparta credits to use services & products of a startup).
  • Get the token through DGR.
  • Be involved in creating or contributing to the ecosystem.
  • Buy the tokens from exchanges listing SPARTA.

Marketing & Development units:

The Marketing unit or promotion team, consists of the internal marketing, sales and business development team, partner marketing & sales teams and the different independent individuals involved in promoting & strengthening the ecosystem. The Development unit, consists of the internal software engineers & designers, partner software teams and the different independent programmers and designers involved in helping with project development.

Some projects centred around the 2 units:
  • Bounty & Explorers programs.
  • Special Promoters (PR, Special units, Mass promotion, Promoters ...).
  • Spartans (Individuals dedicating their time for various tasks /Marketing /Design /Programming ...).
  • Lighthouse (Celebrity endorsements).
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