SPARTA token,
what is it exactly?

1 token to power 300 startups & the ecosystem around them!

SPARTA token is to be used inside the 300 startups as a kind of credits if the application is a non blockchain application, or as a token/precursor to other tokens if it is a blockchain application. In addition to the startups, several buisnesses will be accepting SPARTA to give access to products & services.

1 Million SPARTA token is given to each of the startups, a big part of it is then distributed to power the ecosystem. The token will not be sold, it is given for FREE. However, investors can get the token by helping the ecosystem and participating in the DGR or donating and helping with the fund-raising for the startups.


Understand what we are all about

What happens when you add a culture of total dedication to specialisation.

How to be part of the ecosystem

Be part of the ecosystem, help advance tech and get SPARTA tokens

Promoting & Marketing

Help with the promoting and marketing for SPARTA, Sparta startups & the 300.

Programming & Design

Help bring amazing projects and ideas to life. There is a lot to choose from.

Spread The Word

Be an ambassador, organise events, talk in events, and spread the word about SPARTA.

Invest in SPARTA

Join the DGR or the other programs and help advance SPARTA and the 300 startups.

Expand the Network

Join the business development team, convince businesses, and expand the network.

Be a Spartan

Be ready to dedicate a number of hours daily, to advance this platform and our token.

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